In order to build a stronger, fairer and more inclusive democracy for all Connecticut residents, Generation Change CT is committed to advancing and supporting the following voting reforms for all local, state and federal elections, including primary, general and special elections. 


1.  UNIVERSAL VOTER REGISTRATION: Ensure every eligible person in CT is registered to vote.


  • Automatic Voter Registration (AVR): Codify into state law “Motor-Voter" Registration (currently a memo of agreement) – and expand AVR to include other state agencies. 


  • Same-Day Registration (SDR) and Election Day Registration (EDR): Allow all eligible persons to register to vote (or update their registration status) and cast their ballot at the same time at all poll sites on Election Day and, in the future, during early voting periods.

  • Pre-Registration: Pre-register 16- and 17-year-olds to vote.

2.  UNIVERSAL VOTER ACCESS: Ensure every eligible person has the time and a fair opportunity to vote. 


  • State Holiday: Make the November general election a state holiday.


  • Paid Time Off (PTO): For primary and special elections, require employers to provide employees with paid time off for in-person voting (when employees do not have three consecutive hours before or after work when the polls are open).

3. MODERNIZED VOTING OPTIONS: Increase voter participation by offering multiple accessible, convenient and modern voting options. 


  • Early Voting: Amend the CT state constitution to permit early voting, providing at least 15 days via in-person and at least 31 days via other options (ex. mail-in and e-voting).


  • Mail-In Voting: Amend the CT state constitution to allow mail-in voting (a.k.a. “no excuse absentee voting”) to be a permanent option for all voters. In addition, pass a state law requiring mail-in applications to be made available and submittable online and that prepaid return postage be included with the actual ballots. Also, increase the number of Ballot Drop Boxes so there is easy and equitable access for all communities. 



4. BALLOT COUNTING, TRACKING, CURING: Ensure every vote is accounted for and properly counted.​

  • Counting: Amend state law so that absentee ballots postmarked by Election Day (but arrive afterwards) are still counted.

  • Tracking: Provide improved real-time tracking information for mail-in ballots via text or email (similar to USPS).

  • Curing: Amend state law to provide voters with the ability to cure their ballots when accidental or inadvertent mistakes are made.



5.  RESTORE VOTING RIGHTS: Ensure the right to vote is not "denied" or "abridged" for any citizen regardless of their carceral status.


  • Formerly Incarcerated: Provide automatic restoration of voting rights and automatic voter registration for all formerly incarcerated or convicted individuals irrespective of probation, parole or fines associated with conviction.

6.  EXPAND THE FRANCHISE: Let more Connecticut residents have a voice and a vote in the direction of their local community and in the election of their political leaders.


  • Permanent Residents: Provide municipalities with the option to permit non-citizen permanent residents to vote in local elections.



7. END GERRYMANDERING: Give voters “fair maps, fair representation and a fair say” so that voters actually choose their politicians and not the other way around. 


  • Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC): Establish a nonpartisan and truly independent redistricting commission empowered to draw fair maps for state and congressional districts. 




Generation Change CT is a state-based political action committee that seeks to build a stronger, fairer and more inclusive democracy and economy for all of Connecticut's residents. GCCT is committed to making Connecticut a national leader in: expanding voting rights and participation; advancing democratic and electoral reforms; and increasing economic opportunity and security. In our work, we are especially committed to centering those from traditionally underrepresented and underserved communities, as we seek to secure a better, brighter and more progressive future for Connecticut.