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Generation Change CT

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New Haven, CT 06515


Help build a stronger, fairer and more inclusive democracy and economy
for all of Connecticut's residents. Donate to Generation Change CT!

Generation Change CT
Contribution Certification Form

Please answer the questions below. For definitions of the terms used (ex. "communicator lobbyist"), click here.

1. Are you a communicator lobbyist?
2. Are you the spouse or dependent of a communicator lobbyist?
3. Are you a principal of a state contractor or prospective state contractor? If yes, please indicate which branch or branches of government the contract(s) is with:
4. Are you a principal of a holder of a valid prequalification issued by the Commissioner of Administrative Services?
5. If you answered YES to question 2, 3, or 4: Are you an elected public official?

Important: Upon clicking "submit," you will then be directed to another form to enter your donation amount and payment info.

Generation Change CT accepts contributions from individuals ($1,000 maximum per calendar year) and other CT PACs ($2,000 maximum per calendar year).  

Generation Change CT does NOT accept contributions from candidate committees and out-of-state PACs and other excluded entities.

Donate by mail.

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